July 9, 2020 Total Door

Introducing Total Door Systems SafeFrame

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Total Door Systems SafeFrame™ provides a complete integrated smoke containment system that exceeds the testing and rating requirements for elevator hoistways and and eliminates the need for elevator lobbies. Streamlined in design, SafeFrame eliminates the need for frame construction and is perfectly matched to the elevator door to create a complete door and frame system.

There is no special wall construction or building of lobbies needed. We ship the SafeFrame with the door, so it arrives as one complete system, all in one delivery. This minimizes trips for installation and job site surveys.

The idea for our SafeFrame product grew out of frustrations installers told us about during some of our installation classes. They told us how it is a difficult application to build the wall and install the frame that goes with the door. They wanted to know what we could do to allow them to install a complete system, eliminating as much labor coordination and headache as possible.

We put our engineers and designers to work on a solution. That is how the SafeFrame fully integrated system with our doors came into being. It gives us a product that solves a problem in the industry, eliminating the need for constructing a wall. All they have to do is surface mount the frame right into the wall and install the door. The entire system has already been tested and the label allows for easy field verification of code compliance.

Read our SafeFrame one sheet. You can find the SafeFrame one sheet in the marketing materials folder of the Distributor portal.


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