February 20, 2020 Total Door

Jack Robbins Training Tour Update


As you know, we kicked off an educational tour with Jack Robbins planning to visit each sales reps team for a four-day training session. This consists of two days with the sales rep team and two days with your designated trainers. At this point, Jack is about a third of the way through our sales reps list.

One area of focus during these training sessions is a review of the tools we’ve developed recently to make your jobs easier. But, tools are only good if everyone knows how to use them. In these sessions, you will gain everything you need to make these tools useful to you and your team.

So far, the response to these training sessions has been great. After Jack leaves, each team has people fully trained to be able to effectively onboard and train their distributors. The momentum for using these tools after the training session has really been going strong. A number of rep agencies have really embraced it and are making full use of the tools and taking them to the streets.

Thank you to all of you who have completed your training with Jack. For those of you still on the schedule, we think you really have something to look forward to that will give your team ways to operate more efficiently and effectively.


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