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Limitless Design

Great design requires a full range of options. Our integrated door systems can accommodate nearly any design face. The only limitation is your imagination. What do you want to create today?

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Infinite Finish Options

Whether your design calls for paint, architectural film, architectural metal or real wood veneer, we’ve got you covered. Choose from one of our popular selections by viewing our finish options.

Does your Door
Blend into the Wall?

Functional doesn’t have to mean plain. Total Door Systems meet all life safety and compartmentalization requirements without sacrificing the architect’s vision. Our doors meet all fire codes and ADA guidelines, are BHMA-certified, sustainably manufactured with a UL EPD, and protected by warranty. As outstanding as they are, Total Door Systems don’t seek the spotlight, preferring to blend into the wall for a seamless design vision.

See how Total Door Systems function in different applications

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and Lite Kits

Every component is an engineered part of a Total Door system. And they’re factory installed for higher quality, better reliability, and hassle-free installation. Lite kits are available in standard and custom configurations.

View our Product Guide

Our Product Guide contains a complete collection
of our door samples

Know your Code

Architects are critical to ensuring buildings meet code. View our life safety continuing education courses through the links below:

Code Requirements for Fire Rated Doors

The role of a fire rated door is to maintain the integrity of a fire rated enclosure in the event of a fire, giving building occupants enough time to exit the burning building. This course is an introduction to fire rated doors and a general review of the fire codes that relate to fire doors and hardware, referencing IBC 2012 and 2015, NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) regulations, and the ADAAG (Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines).

AIA/CES Smoke Containment Strategies

The spread of smoke in mid- and high-rise building fires is recognized as a major threat to the safety of the building occupants and responding fire personnel and the effectiveness of firefighting operations. This course explains how smoke migrates in a multi-story building fire and discusses how building codes have evolved to address this danger and why they mandate smoke containment in specific areas of a structure. Product applications and assemblies designed to meet building code requirements and limit vertical smoke migration via elevator hoistways and lobbies are examined.

Integrated Fire and Smoke Door Systems: Specifying Your Own Safety Net

Learn about integrated door systems, sustainability, compliance, and code. Understand the importance of smoke and fire protection in various applications and vertical markets and how with the proper protection from integrated door systems you can save lives.

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