Quick Start Guide

The Total Door Systems DoorBuilder streamlines quoting and configuration of our integrated door systems. You can quickly and easily quote, and submit an order from any device with an Internet connection.

See how you can get started in our comprehensive series of videos below.

Quick Start
Video Series

Information inputs highlighted in green require entries.

Please make sure that you are saving your work as you go.

Part 1: Creating Your Quote

Start your Quote

Click on “Start Your Quote,” or hit the sign at the upper right hand corner of the screen and select “Quote.”


Note: Your distributor information will be present.

Name your Quote

Your quote name should be the same as your project name.


Assign your Forecasting and Closing Probability

Select the date for the probability of closing in the calendar. Then select the forecasting for the sale in the dropdown menu.


Part 2: Building the Configuration

Start a configuration

To add a door system configuration to your quote, click on “Line Items” on the upper left part of the screen.



Select “Configuration,” and then, “Go.”  Once the Add Configuration Pop-up Box appears, select “Continue” under New Configuration.



Click on “Configure this product” to proceed. Rename the configuration with the project name, and the application type for easier reference.


Select Application and Configuration

Select the application and the configuration for the opening. Select the fire label rating. Select the gauge of steel.



Select opening measurements using the slider bars.


Select leaf detail, elevation, glass options, and additional add-ons.

Select the desired details for each leaf.



Select the elevation and visible glass options for your opening.



Select any additional options you may require.



Select Continue to review your configuration.

Part 3: Preview, Build and Save Your Quote

Review your input details

Once your configuration is complete, an overview of the information and details you entered will come up for your review. Please review your input details carefully.


Add additional line items

Add any additional line items such as pallet charges to your quote.



Additional line items are listed below your configuration.


Preview your quote

Select Preview Quote to review the quote that appears on screen.



A PDF preview of your quote will appear in a new tab.


Final Steps

Once ready, select the “Build” option at the upper right hand corner of the screen. Your quote and related paperwork and drawings will be produced by the DoorBuilder.




Your new quotes will now be available under your quotes listing.



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