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Every hardware component in a Total Door System is designed, engineered and manufactured from our Waterford, Michigan plant to work perfectly in our doors. They are factory installed for higher-quality, better reliability, and hassle-free installation.

Exit Devices
Flush Exit Device

Our exclusive flush exit device looks and works better than anything else in the industry. Its 1/8″ projection with the door in the open position makes it virtually flush with the door face. When closed, the exit device pops out to 5/8″ to meet all fire codes and ADA guidelines.

Our exit devices look better too, because we can insert a finish that matches the rest of your door, such as a custom wood veneer, to give you a distinctive look that lasts.

Standard Exit Device

Our standard exit device is also an industry leader, with a projection of only 1-5/16″. This reduces the potential for abuse and makes it possible to achieve a 32″ clear width in a 36″ opening.

The standard exit device comes in a standard width of 24″ but can also be ordered to match the full width of the door. We also offer a smaller version (SP14) for non-rated applications that offers the convenience of a push plate.

Exit Edge Protector

Our Exit Edge Protector is a good option for high-abuse environments. Made of heavy-duty extruded aluminum, it deflects objects like laundry and food carts from the back edge of the exit device. This reduces damage to the exit device and lowers maintenance costs.

Flush & Standard Exit Device Features
  • Up to three-hour fire rating
  • All locking functions available
  • Narrow projections – Standard exit 1 5/16″; Flush exit 1/8″ in open position
  • Anodized dark bronze or satin aluminum finish, with inserts in virtually any finish
Operating Grips

Total Door grips are installed at the factory. That means they arrive on-site ready to install, with no field labor required. Their elegant engineering and simple design make them resistant to abuse and forced entry.

They are ideal for designs that demand form as well as function, and for demanding environments like schools and hospitals.

All Total Door operating grips feature:

  • Up to three-hour fire rating
  • ADA compliance
  • A variety of available anodized finishes

Engineered for use with our exit devices, Total Door levers come in a variety of styles and finishes.

Lever Finish Options:

  • 605 – Bright Brass
  • 606 – Satin Brass
  • 629 – Bright Stainless Steel
  • 630 – Satin Stainless
  • 710 – Dark Bronze
  • Black
Lever 60
Lever 82
Lever 83
Lever 84

Please note: Some finishes may extend delivery time.

Total Door Mechanisms

The mechanisms in our levers, grips, and exit devices feature:

  • Installation at our factory, no field labor required
  • Up to three-hour fire rating
  • ADA compliance
  • A full range of available locking functions
  • Compatibility with standard mortise cylinders (A/R cam required for grips)
  • Trim that matches most standard hardware finishes

Special note about key cylinders: Total Door systems are compatible with most standard cylinders. This allows you to maintain standard cylinder systems throughout your project. Please contact your distributor for specific applications.

Available Door Trim Combinations
  • Standard and flush fire exit devices with no trim on pull side or with grip or lever
  • Lever by lever
  • Operating grip by operating grip

Lite Kits

Lite kits and louvers are available in standard and custom configurations.

Lite kit cutout is 2″ larger than visible glass size.

Door size may limit maximum visible height and width.

Firelite Plus & NT

Max. in ² Visible Glass
Max. number of Lites
Max. Visible Glass Widths
Max. Visible Glass Lengths
A  (3 hr)
No Limit
B (1-1/2 hr)
No Limit
C (3/4 hr)
No Limit
20 Minute
No Limit

Note: Temperature Rise Labels: 100 in2 maximum for all labels,
10″ maximum visible width, 33″ maximum visible height.

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