October 2017

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New Automated Quoting Tool to Deliver Big Results for Distributors, Sales Reps

Faster turnaround on quotations and a more efficient stream of data and production management is coming to Total Door’s distributor and sales rep portal with the introduction of an online “Configurator” tool, expected to go live towards the end of the first quarter of 2018.

The tool, a customized iteration of Configure One’s CPQ software, will allow any Total Door distributor with an Internet connection to design and quote a door by simply answering as few as a half-dozen questions. The Configurator will provide an accurate quote, as well as a product drawing. The tool allows for further customization, if desired, and automates the quote to production process, cutting red tape and increasing process efficiency and accuracy.

Total Door is offering a series of pre-configured options to help distributors and sales reps showcase the various options to a variety of potential customers.

“All you have to do is to go into the system, select the opening – pair, double egress, single, etc. – the fire rating, the size and the finish and you can get a quote right then,” said Jeanne Kitchen, Total Door Controller and Configurator project director. “You’ll be able to get a quote, which can be saved if they want to use it as a talking point.”

Sales representatives also will have a window into the quoting activity that’s happening in their territory to provide the best support possible, Jeanne said.

The Configurator is currently undergoing rigorous internal testing. Once launched, Total Door will offer a series of webinar training events to teach those new to the tool how to use it. The Configurator and the training will be tied to distributors existing login at TotalDoor.com.

“We’ll offer all of the additional assistance they need to get them comfortable with the tool upon launch,” Jeanne said. “This is a powerful tool and we want everyone to be able to experience its full range of benefits.”

Meet John Pierre – Service Manager

John Pierre

John Pierre has been in manufacturing for more than 25 years. He knows a thing or two about how to make products to exacting standards without sacrificing quality and efficiency on the line.

After more than seven years supervising final assembly at Total Door, John is taking his expertise to the classroom, training distributors and installers on how to properly install Total Door systems. John spent time in the field to better understand what installers encounter on project sites.

“The on-the-ground experience has been invaluable to me,” he said. “You really get a sense of how Total Door Systems fit into an overall design vision, as well as the safety and security of the structure.”

Total Door Systems is the only integrated door system manufacturer that requires certification for field installers. Total Doors are delivered on-site opening ready. The systems’ unparalleled security and flexible design benefits are unique in the industry, but creating the best customer experience begins with proper installation.

“The training is one part of a complete support team that we have at Total Door,” John said. “Our commitment to all of our sales representatives and distributor partners is that we will have their back 100 percent of the time. Our training is a key part of that support.”


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