February 2021

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Finish Distributor Product Training Sessions in February

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To make sure your distributors know all the ways that SafeFrame™ can help build your success, we have asked you to schedule a brief product training session with each one during the month of February. Please continue to use the email template we sent you to get your distributors to choose one of the time slots available for their training session.

The 25-minute session gives them a high-level view of the product and its benefits, as well as how to quote and order, and where to spec it. Please reserve time at the end to listen to any specific questions that they have, or opportunities to support their efforts.

Our goal is to have every distributor trained and ready when our big SafeFrame marketing blitz kicks off in March.

If you want to see how easy SafeFrame is to install while you are scheduling your Zoom sessions, check out our installation training video.


How to Quote and Order SafeFrame through DoorBuilder


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At Total Door Systems, we work hard to make sure doing business with us is easy. That’s why we wanted to make sure that SafeFrame™ was easy for distributors to quote and order through our online quoting and ordering system, the Total Door Systems DoorBuilder™.

Distributors can simply log on to DoorBuilder through the partners login on our website. The opening size entered in DoorBuilder is based off of two measurements: the elevator frame width plus 2 -inches, and the elevator frame height plus 1 inch per our SafeFrame order form. After you’ve entered your opening size, just select “SafeFrame.” The DoorBuilder will automatically include all the other selections to make the system code compliant.

A few clicks – and they are done. It’s that easy.

Need a refresher on how to use DoorBuilder? We have your back. Check out our DoorBuilder QuickStart Guide and share with your distributors.

The Advantages of Selling SafeFrame

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From saving construction costs to saving time to saving lives – SafeFrame™ offers many advantages for your customers.

SafeFrame provides a long list of benefits to distributors, including:

  • An exclusive solution for elevator shaft protection
  • Two simple measurements for ordering
  • Factory finished product for same-day installation of frame and door
  • Allows you to have total control of the opening and have fewer trades involved
  • Saves the cost of multiple trips to the job site
  • Pushes frame installation to the end of the project schedule
  • Eliminates the need for templating and coordination
  • Eliminates extra and separate shipments of materials to the job site
  • Adds profit to the contract

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