Jack Robbins Training Tour Update

Jack Total Door Training Update

Our educational tour with Jack Robbins visiting each sales rep team for a four-day session is about halfway done. As of now, Jack is not scheduled to travel again until April 13 at the earliest. If travel concerns remain, due to the Coronavirus, we will look at setting up web trainings to keep the momentum going.

In the meantime, we thought this would be a good time to get some feedback to share with you. We talked to agencies who have already been through one of Jack’s training sessions to see how it went. Here’s what we found out.

The feeling was that committing your agency to this much time was a big ask, but well worth it. Total Door has spent recent years growing, changing, innovating and creating new product, new tools, a new website and more. So, the agencies felt the time was right to get trained up and absorb everything so they can go out and put it into the field. They felt it was good to get their whole team together to really see and understand the complete Total Door toolbox.

Agencies started out listening to and watching Jack present the PowerPoint tools. Then, they were able to do it themselves. It was sort of a dress rehearsal presentation that Jack could observe and critique. By the time they were done, everyone felt comfortable enough to go out and present the information.

After going through the training sessions, Elliott & Associates had a couple of really great lunch and learn events. One had over 70 people attend from a big firm and they came away with two very large projects.

“Total Door has been developing all these new tools and products and making these investments and commitments,” said Peter Elliott. “You have to make sure you can take advantage of that and leverage that. You can’t do that through osmosis. As great as webinars, teleconferences and YouTube videos are, nothing replaces that in person, face-to-face presence. It was a great few days we had. We felt like we got a lot done and it’s helped us increase our momentum moving forward.”

Thank you to all of you who have completed your training with Jack and for sharing some of your stories. For those of you still on the schedule, we look forward to meeting with you and hope you find it increases your momentum moving forward, too.

How to Onboard a Distributor

Total Door Onboarding Header Image


Just as there are things you can expect from Total Door Systems, there are things we expect from you, our sales reps. Perhaps the most important expectation is that each sales rep is expected to onboard a number of new distributors within your area and maintain those relationships.

The onboarding process varies from territory to territory, because each territory is unique in markets and distribution. On top of that, territory structure is ever evolving by the nature of changes to the market and changes to distribution. This is why you are so important to us. You are the ones who know your territory best. We are counting on you to understand the different nuances that make your territory unique and to help us evolve the structure of distribution.

Already we’ve evolved from an exclusive distribution model to one where you are encouraged to get multiple quotes for each project. Since everyone will get the same price from TDS, this creates healthy competition among the distributors on the final price to the end customer.

Let’s look at the onboarding process. You start with your core distribution and methodically build it from there. Look to add distributors who give you good market and geographical coverage. But, try to avoid market conflict.

When choosing which distributors to add to your base, look at what types of construction projects in your territory are in progress or slated to begin. Is it trending towards more commercial high rise, multi-family units, hospitality buildings, healthcare or some combination? Then, look at what is needed to penetrate these markets and which distributors serve these markets.

Once you’ve put that list together, which distributors fit the Total Door Systems profile the best? Areas to look at include sales and installation, their aftermarket focus, do they offer a broad “one stop” service approach, do they have access to the right markets and do they have the ability to influence product selection within their markets.

This is a brief look at how we view the distributor onboarding process. If you have other tips to add or any questions, don’t hesitate to let us know.

DoorBuilder Tool Tip #1: Building Columns


By now, most of you have worked with our new DoorBuilder tool and discovered it’s the fastest, easiest way to configure Total Door Systems and deliver a quote. Here’s a tip to make using this tool even easier.

Did you know you can add or subtract the columns you want to review on your quotes page within the DoorBuilder tool? All you have to do is click on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of the page and then select or deselect which columns you want to see or not see.



Some of the columns you might want to add include: Net Price, Forecast Date and Probability of Sale. Once you’ve chosen which fields you want on your quote page, you can move them into what ever order makes the best sense to you. All columns can be ordered by clicking on the column name and dragging it to where you would like it to be placed.





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